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    Goal is medicine but nowhere close, advice?

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    making notes

    just wondering what's the best way to make notes for bus? currently making notes using business in action textbook not rlly making direct syllabus dot point notes should I do that as well or simple business in action notes will suffice?
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    gave up on wiriting notes just gonna type 'em except chem probs gonna continue writing them
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    Getting into Medicine

    nah but like if you did work experience at like a medical clinic and/or hospital it helps in answering interview questions but any prior work experience can be related to anything just depends on how you phrase it
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    how many hours of sleep to function?

    I agree However I always end up not sleeping, for days of exams I usually sleep 10pm-2am and then study from 2am-7am, it's alright but not the best thing to do, normal days I sleep at a like 9ish-11ish and wake up at 4am.
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    how many hours of sleep to function?

    yeah, whenever I pull all-nighters usually days which i have free periods and/or bludge subjects ie sor2 and business, I sleep during those classes
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    University and ethnicity

    yeah allied health/medicine/dentistry more asians and whites education/teaching more white people engineering alot of asians also more females in teaching and nursing more males in engineering USYD = mostly white UNSW = mostly asian UWS = wogs UTS = asians + wogs and a few whites...
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    Who likes Kpop here?

    yeah stray kids is gud
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    The Anime Thread

    yeah mp100 is great and short
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    how many hours of sleep to function?

    nice, you must've managed time well
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    2U book comparison

    our school uses cambridge and our teach uses a lot of q's from fitz and a little from mif
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    2U book comparison

    I got the new edition I think, as an online pdf, pm if you want link.
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    how many hours of sleep to function?

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    how many hours of sleep to function?

    prelim: 8-10 hours w/exception of all-nighters and before assessments and such, (8-10h i've been told is good for prelim). hsc: ??? how many hours did eveyone sleep during prelim and hsc?