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  • Not sure if you've received my pm or not :S laptop blacked out after I clicked submit...Sorry for the late reply and if you didn't receive it please tell me
    I think you misunderstand the CA program- it's a further qualification or form of study after you have finished your bachelor/undergraduate degree at uni. To be eligible to start the CA program (i.e. to enrol) you must have completed certain degrees from certain unis and studied certain subjects. These typically form the accounting major at some unis but you may need to do a couple of extra things (e.g. information systems, legal/company structures, taxation, etc) in order to meet the prerequisites.
    I saw on destinyliang's thing you wanna get 99.95. My advice to you for that, study every day. Even if for only 10 minutes. Just at least look at your notes every day. systematic daily study is what gets you there. And in terms of hours, its impossible to say, really smart people (IQ wise) dont need as much time to learn the same material, while less capable people need a lot of time. Just study as much as it takes before you can confidently recall everything in great detail, by dotpoint
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