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  1. Frostbitten

    UTS Internal Transfer from B.Business to B.Business/Law

    Hello there, I'm just wondering how UTS handles a transfer from B.Business to B.Business/law. Essentially I just want to know what the requirements are for this and also if you know of anyone who has done this what did they do? Thank you kind people :)
  2. Frostbitten

    Getting rid of belly fat

    You can't target certain fat deposits in your body, it doesn't work like that. All you have to do is change your diet around so you are taking in less calories than you expel, ideally about 500 calories less. Use myfitnesspal to calculate and count your calorie consumption, it's probably the...
  3. Frostbitten

    Help losing weight fast?

    Just make sure your calories in < calories out. Essentially, just eat less. You can exercise as well but it pretty much just makes you able to eat more since you are burning more calories. Use it when your dieting starts to stall.
  4. Frostbitten

    Does God exist?

    Yes, I knew it was satire, it just didn't really work. But anyway, basic objects required for our survival and productive capabilities don't face the same type of resistance to being criticised that religion does. Therefore it stands to reason that you can't really equate them.
  5. Frostbitten

    Does God exist?

    Obviously religion is more influential and has a greater significance in the world than coco pops. That comparison is irrelevant.
  6. Frostbitten

    Does God exist?

    If religion didn't have influential power in the world then it wouldn't need to be scrutinised. I hold religious beliefs right up beside political ideologies for this reason.
  7. Frostbitten

    Does God exist?

    Define nothing in this context plz.
  8. Frostbitten

    Why do girls dump nice guys and go for the jerks?

    Because nice guys are generally beta and jerks are generally alpha, and biologically being alpha is more attractive than being beta. Boom. Mind blown. Now end of discussion shhhh.
  9. Frostbitten

    LoL thread

    Re: Official LoL thread I feel sorry for who has bought Kassadin for ranked, banned like a motherfucker.
  10. Frostbitten

    View on Drugs

    The only worthwhile illicit drugs are weed/ecstasy/caps. The rest are on a whole new level and are shit considering the side effects.
  11. Frostbitten

    Do girls always go for guys with money?

    Yes, dats why you need to be da doctor or da lawyer.
  12. Frostbitten

    Last movie you watched? And what you thought of it?

    They do, but I think 'The Wolf of Wall Street' really allowed him to show off his talent. He has already got a golden globe for it, so it'll be interesting to see how he measures up against the other Oscar nominations.
  13. Frostbitten

    Last movie you watched? And what you thought of it?

    Saw it and what can I say, simply amazing, 9/10, four and a half stars. Leonardo might even get an Oscar.
  14. Frostbitten

    Tips for year 10??

    Play as much League as you can. But srs, you got year 11 to sort out study habits and what you want to be in life, just chill.