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  • Name : Omed Ahmadi
    School : Terra Sancta High Quakers Hill
    Nationality: Afghan (import)
    BOS username: Omed62 , Streetboy
    Hobbies: Trolling on BOS
    Lol wow,damn now we have to wait until next term to recognize each other haha.(unless your going for first week work experience.) yeah low chance we would have found out each other haha.
    Yea It's **** lol, I was freaken shouting out if anyone here is by the name Frostbitten but everyone's like huh? What's your name!
    Lol I know right haha. Yeah I'm in John's as well, I'm the guy that sits in the corner that John seem's to look at alot .....lol.
    Same again...haha. You in John's or Ciecila's class? I'm the guy from Chatswood High :T
    Hey I noticed your doing Financial Services this year like me,which tafe do you go to?
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