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  • oh LOL wow you have a looong way to go haha. Im doing B Sci at Unimelb, and gonna try each year to get into NIDA but if I dont after 3 attempts then I'll do med :p
    Yea its meant to be hyper realistic Goku from DBZ :p
    You too! Enjoy HSC study haha, it will be over soon dont worry.
    In response to your question in p00n, I got 94.8 and I did Commerce at Notre Dame. I'm looking for full-time work at the moment, so I couldnt really commit to a tutoring company.
    Thanks for the message. All of those things are easily searchable off the net or on BoS forums. If in doubt, maybe ask on the forums? :)

    Modern scales very well (I reckon it is probably the most underrated subject in terms of scaling) whereas Legal scales slightly above average.

    Sorry it took me ages to reply.
    You need to apply if you wish to become a mod. I'll let you use your forum skillz to figure out where the application form is ;)
    No worries-I wish you all the best to succeed in achieving your dream to get into a medicine degree in university:)
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