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  • :) nothing too hard: society n culture, legal, religion, english, general maths, and senior science, i wanted to do chem, but at my school they give you a selection to choose from, unfortunately, i didnt have straight A's in science last yr, so i wasnt offered chemistry or physics! so i chose senior science coz it covers those subjects! wat subjects did u do?
    ok, i'll try! n yer, thats wat i thought! everyone i noe is jus stressing coz its the hsc! but they find the work the same!
    btw, thanks :)
    lol, yer! the social part is great! does it get harder in yr 12? or is it jus STRESS STRESS STRESS coz its 'HSC'!
    dats cool, yer im in year 11, loving it! i gotta say, i love my school! lol
    woot woot =) i ended up getting the tongue pierce... And yes the piercing was awkward... Cant eat foods larger than my nails or foods that arnt as soft as potato mash... =( thats all ive eaten.... it wasnt so bad afterall... no real pain... just cant eat properly... when do you reckon i can eat normally? as im soooooooooo desperate to eat proper foood.
    thanks for the rep re; "Do guys really care if a girl has cellulite/stretch marks/acne/small boobs etc.?" After my experience with my ex, I learnt to appreciate that girls are really (REALLY) sensitive about their looks and all ... so I'm more understanding about it ... and that ... you can find beauty and uniqueness in imperfections too.
    yay! two more closer to another pretty light green box!!!
    will rep back later when i can. too much in last 24hrs etc.
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