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  • Haha it's good that you're flattered. How am I? Well at the moment I'm quite bored in a free lesson. And annoyed at assignments... I think I would have done Extension Two English if I didn't end up doing History Extension. The stupid research project for it is killing me! It's the first time History Extension has run at our school though, so it's pretty cool. Do you ever have to do lessons after school with your extension subjects or anything?
    Ahaha true XD But my memory is playing tricks on me these days :(
    Yep, i'm doing civil engineering :D
    If you don't like maths, i don't recommend engineering. It's quite heavy on the maths and physics but the problem solving is satisfying! Perhaps you should explore other challenging areas that aren't so maths orientated? XD
    Sort of... It wasn't exactly random though. Just those people I'd seen a few decent comments by.
    Hiya! I'm pretty good but i've been bludging quite a bit so i'm behind =='
    Uni is pretty good, but it's much easier to get behind on work ><"
    How're you?
    i think you may have messaged the wrong sig is just normal quotes, i may have repped you though, can't remember
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