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  • Prefect= more work.

    Think of it this way, wouldn't you rather NOT be working for free? That's right. If you DID get prefect, you'd be a slave to your school work AND need to behave at school. Eww. *shudders*
    Haha, it's okay :p
    I'm still a *tad* hopeful though :p
    If she gets School Captain, the person who came 2nd gets captaincy of the house!!!111
    So... I'm hoping she gets school captain and I come... 2nd :p
    Naaww. We both fail. WHOOOOO!!!!!11
    But yeah, no excuse to behave properly!!!!111 WHOOOOOOOO!!1
    If you meet up with the BOS group - you'll probably find me there... it's a special event so the times and places are a little hush hush =P
    haha, just kidding. I don't think he lives near redfern :p
    Catch a bus within campuses?
    Isn't it like... one really big land? :haha:
    I think i'll be doing the same actually. The friends that i'm going with are *hopeless* with directions :haha:

    Naawww :(
    I wanted to meet you :haha:
    What other sessions are you going to?
    After 11:30am, my friends and I are basically just walking around (what we're interested is in the morning)

    Med, pharm and psych is what i'll be going to at USYD :haha:
    My friend is going to:
    IT, computer science and information systems @ 11-11:30

    Her name is Julie... just thought I should mention that. AHAHAHAHAAHAHAH.

    Nope, was a tutoring last night for maths :(
    I believe in you human. You are band 6 material. Also, be good with loci. It will pop up in possibly a 4-5 mark question in the HSC. It is a must for 4U Mathematics students too.
    Nope, it's generally done in Year 12. The question types are generic. But mainly all maths concepts are easy. Although if you would like a state rank, you should keep practising and train yourself to the point where you can see a question and answer it straight away in your head or straight away know which method to you.
    To me they are all easy. The only thing you need to be careful with is algebra. Make sure it is clean. Also I hate Permutations, Combinations and Probability, prehaps even Induction.
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