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  • Aww phew, Fitzy was a young boy and I raised him well. I fed him each day with dust.

    Edit: China has lots of people and weird traffic rules. Somehow I am still in one piece.
    Hahaha. I'm guessing you're not too fluent at your second language lol.

    I'm self taught (Y). Been playing for around 6 years. ^^
    Well first few weeks of uni is where you'll meet all your friends so don't be shy lol. I hear most the BIT students end up being really tight - so thats a good thing. Dont stress out over uni because it's really not hard, but it's probably a good idea to not fall behind - especially with you needing to maintain a certain GPA. As for U Pass, i've been a few times and it's pretty good but i usually dont bother - it's like group tutoring with a past student who got a HD or D if its a hard subject. What they do in it depends on what the subject is.
    Haha thanks - i try! All the mods on here are pretty awesome imo anyway. I'm pretty new to it - just got modded like 3 weeks ago.

    As i said (i think) i wasn't 18 either. Dont worry there is only one night with drinking involved officially, i guess theres nothing stopping people drinking every night but i think only leaders did that =P. Basically we went in to the hall thing at the place we were and were given different coloured wrist bands depending on age. Then there was trivia and some over 18s had a few beers with that, then was a party kind of thing where they just had a dj and played music and that's where people started drinking a bit. Could just do whatever you wanted, some under 18s still managed to drink ofcourse.
    Oh and o week, camp covers the welcome and a few of the talks so you dont have to go to anything. But if any of it sounds good then just register.
    Thanks and no problems! It's not much out of my time and i know how confusing and overwhelming everything can be at first. Basically the activities at camp are a lot of team work kind of stuff, but they are fun. One activity last year we had to make some kind of apparatus to launch a ball and try to beat the other teams using a certain amount of materials which were given costs - some teams managed to make miniture trebuchets lol! Then there was trivia and a kind of party type thing on one night - drinking was allowed there if you were over 18, which i was not, but a lot of people got fairly drunk there and had an interesting night.

    Oh and camp cash! They'll probably do it this year and i wont tell you much more about it but basically you could collect pieces of paper which were like cash that could be used in an auction on the last day, some people went way overboard on it and it was hilarious.
    Fantastic! As a mod, I'm really keen to see the 2012 cohort stick around to offer their guidance (and perhaps resources) to the younger years :)
    Giga! Thank you and I should get into my course :)
    How abut yourself and also I miss seeing your lovely face around BOS!
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