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    Looking for Lecture slides USYD PHSI2006

    from last year or years previous. will pay :) need to prep ahead. message me or comment below.
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    Looking to buy Esl essays or direct me

    To where I can get them for free. Cheers
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    When is the last day you can re-enrol in usyd?

    I'm going on holidays again, and have just come back from them. Haven't had much time. When is the last day i can re-enrol in usyd (first to second year). Also if i just pick dummy subjects to re-enrol will it show up on any documents, transcripts. etc.
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    Chem textbooks

    yes, i am an advocate of the humble textbook! You can never have too many. (within reason)
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    Intellectual Movies

    if by intelligence you mean thought provoking, Most international miramax films are great. E.g life is beautiful, cinema paradiso. Good will hunting is actually a film on the raw concept of intelligence. It's quite good in my opinion. Clue (1985, i think) is a crap movie if you're not engaging...
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    30 percentile in Medentry, UMAT in a week

    either your sarcasm is so advanced that you have us all fooled into thinking you actually believe this, or...
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    Proability question - 2010 trials

    this brings back memories...i posted the exact same question up when i was doing hsc. never understood it.
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    How to solve x*e^2x=4

    Yep :) All good everything has been solved.
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    How to solve x*e^2x=4

    That's what i got, the book completely stuffed me up for 2 hours thinking i was wrong. P.s THANKS HEAPS :)
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    How to solve x*e^2x=4

    since this thread has derailed i also wanted to ask the values for which 1/((x^2)+1) is concave up and concave down? i would appreciate full working since i have spent ages and can not get the answer provided.
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    How to solve x*e^2x=4

    this could be solved with logs right? 2^x^2+1=6
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    How to solve x*e^2x=4

    solving for x. I'm having a brain freeze with this question.
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    Are course echoes i.e lecture recordings ever removed?

    don't think so, but curious to know?