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  • Haha, everyone has this perception that I do maths at night time. I have not touched my maths book this year. I kind of bludged. I hope to change this next year.
    Hey there, do you reckon you could shoot me a link for the English Adv. and Eco past papers you downloaded before the site got taken down? Thank you soooo much!
    10ish I think. Hurstville is smaller than Burwood. Just a note, Spiral will not attend 4U in Hurstville so you will not catch a glimpse of me although he lives there. Also you cannot take my spot.
    Just as well, we're almost done the 3U course now. $800 for 4U 3 hours. Burwood or Hurstville? Topics are covered in depth teaching you short cuts and tricks. You might want to learn implicit differentiation if you haven't.
    you mean you're starting to get screwed? lol. dw. i have those moments every single time i do complex numbers. with practice we shall ace it :)
    You don't have to, IF YOU WANT TO LOSE A MARK. Also remind me to challenge you to an integration contest in preparation for your HSC.
    From what I have gathered from the relevant university sites, there seem to be no real discernible differences between the actual content studied in the courses; they are all first semester so they all more or less cover the same basic introductory content. However, there are differences in tuition costs and mandatory intensive courses. I hope to find out some more information regarding the math courses this week so I will let you know if anything else comes to light. May I ask which subject you have accelerated in? Math?
    Nice to meet you too. My name is SpiralFlex. But on this forum the name Spi is acceptable name to call me.
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