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    Depth study

    For bio my school just gave us a depth study but didnt count it towards our report
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    Which uni would be better for studying Bachelor of Psychology (honours), USYD or UNSW
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    Internals inquiry

    I heard that if you are first in internals your internals mark is the highest mark scored by someone in your school in the externals and 2nd in internals gets the 2nd highest and so on, so only your rank matters
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    Should I do 13 units for my hsc?

    I am not sure what to drop for next year. I am doing: Maths Advanced, Maths extension 1, English advanced, Bio, Chem, Phys and Legal studies. I dont want to drop legal because I am good at it and enjoy it and my weakest subject is English (but cant drop it). And my second worst subject is...
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    Cramming before Trials Advice

    When making your notes, you should be summarising the information and putting it into your own words, when making short and concise notes, focus on the main ideas and information that directly answers the syllabus
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    Trig help

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    2021 HSC Chat

    Same i cant wait to do further differentiation and integration
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    2021 HSC Chat

    Gotta grind these holidays :(
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    what is considered a good mark in the LAT
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    UNI and Student Unions

    Facts, law is way too oversaturated
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    2021 HSC Chat

    I get home from school and change. Then I study for 2 hours (English and maths), then i take a 40 minute break to eat + chill + exercise. After that I spend 45 minutes on my 4 other subjects, doing two in a row (1h 30mins), having a 20 minute break and doing the other two subject (1h 30 mins)...
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    Difficulty of maintain a distinction level GPA

    Is it hard to maintain a distinction level performance in Bachelor of Psychology
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    2021 HSC Chat

    How do you all take down your notes (i.e. word, google docs, OneNote, Evernote, etc)?
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    Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) at UNSW

    Would i be able to do Masters of Clinical Psychology if I complete this degree and major in Psychology
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    Hypothesis + Conclusion

    in my hypothesis should I write why i believe that x,y,z... should happen, because my physics teacher told me to