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  • Guesss omg did you go to the academic advising session at parra? Mayb you saw me. I came in late with my dad. We stood near the wall at the front of the lecture theatre and then I sat on the steps. I was wearing a black short sleeve jacket and jeans. Hope to see you at orientation day.
    Thats good, well yeah trying to stay focused is hard but im sure you can pull it off, just stay off bos for starters lol
    My holidays are okay, not boring like I had expected haha
    Well I start on the 2nd of August, guessing you start next week?
    Hey there. I think I added you a while back but never got around to saying hi. Anyway, how are you?
    yayaa BOS isnt slow anymore (celebrate) lol
    whats happening?
    miss your head
    hope to speak to you soon
    tc babe

    <3 yoouuuuuu
    Haha yeah dw i wasn't being serious...studying is more important babe =).
    And yes it was like "oh good an assignment, a chance to increase my chances of a high atar"....something like that =P.

    And i just repped you ;), suddenly began working for some reason!

    haha aww Guesss i was jus mucking around, ;). I actually thought your dad may have been in the vicinity. Its good that your studying...studying is good for you :p (as you'd know).

    Well I think BOS needs to employ some efnik computer Guru's, its taking me ages to load pages too. Luckily I'm very patient. As for the browse without being detected thing I didn't even know u could do that =P.

    P.s Ive been trying to positive rep you about your most recent comment on the rap thread, but it wont let me for some reason, i shal keep trying ;)
    how are your curves ew? you have a nice body...=) i swear.
    and no she better not choke slam you or I'll have to come to rescue!!!
    But one question... Why come on BOS and not msn...trying to avoid me I see! tsk tsk.
    (Hmph Emoticon) haha..
    haha...you don't even look unfit :p.
    anywayz little_cutie gonna bash me? am i supposed to be scared? lol.
    take care hun ;) x
    and heres another one, not as good though

    p.s your cute :) (hope little_cutie doesn't read that and get angry :O)
    haha ;) ohhh Guess!
    by the way love your comments on the Rap thread haha.

    its just me dunking and all that. so now ull hav an idea of how i "ball"! xD
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