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    Al-Faisal College beats James Ruse in Maths

    Hi, as a 2021 Ruse graduate, most of what you are saying is right. However, some of your stats were slightly off. In 2021, we had 156/159 students from our Y12 cohort choose Maths Extension 1 (MX1) while 119/159 students from our cohort chose Maths Extension 2. A simple HSC Ninja search while...
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    Bachelor of medical science/ medical science (medical science)

    For sure. Depending on whether or not you are willing to do down the postgraduate pathway (I'm not too sure whether or not WSU/ACU has that) but I do know that you can transfer to USyd via the GAMSAT route. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure that for WSU if you do finish your Bachelor of MedSci, you...
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    is clonal selection part of the bio syllabus??

    Hi, my school did end up covering, albeit very briefly. It's just a particular theory for how our immune system works adaptively and I guess it's good to know but it is not directly in the syllabus. Although, it is in both of the HSC textbooks I used (Pearson and Biology in Focus). If you want...