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  • Year 12 is good, but hard to always keep on top of everything!!

    Textiles is probably most hectic, with the major work due fairly soon but it is all going well thanks :)
    no worries :),

    it's a little bit different to what I thought and a little bit more intense but enjoying it all the same. everything is fairly basic to begin with, all the things covered this semester was pretty much a slightly more in depth version of yr 11 and 12 textiles and design.

    how's yr 12 going for you so far?
    Thankyou so much! Wow what a late reply! Sorry about that, I thought I would get an email when I got a reply and then I forgot about it! But thankyou for your help! How are you finding the course?
    the uai cut of this year was 96.70 for the course at uts. bachelor of desgin in fashion and textiles is now offered at the whitehouse which is a private college and entry is based on an interview process. i am not too familiar with it, but thats another option.
    otherwise, there are other avenues such as East syd tafe which doesnt offer bachelors, from what ive heard is alot more prac based and has produced some outstanding designers.
    uts has a bouns point scheme which can give you a max of 5 bonus uai points.
    the subjects that can give you bonus are textiles and design, visual arts and design and technology. for a band 6 you recieve 3 bonus points, but u can only get a max of 5
    i recieved a band 6 for textiles and a band 5 for art which gave me some bonus points.
    if you need any help with ur mtp id more more then happy to help u out;)
    i suggest for this yr to keep ur assessment marks up and ranks. be organised for ur major and dont leave any of it to the last min;)
    good luck!
    I saw your name on the UTS 2009 Rollcall and that you were to do a Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles.
    If you don't mind, I would be appreciative of any information I could get on what you received for your UAI or what subjects you did as I am interested in pursuing the same degree but I am not sure if my marks will be high enough etc.
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