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    Holy Grail as a supp text for imaginative journey

    Holy Grail - Hunters & Collectors. Im using this song as a supp text as well. Any help on techniques would be helpful..
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    The Cat In The Hat

    Our area of study is Imaginative Journeys & set text is Ender's Game I have chosen The Cat in the Hat as a related text. I have been abe to find techniques & relate this to imaginative journeys but having trouble relating it to Ender's Game. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    harry potter as a sup txt 4 imaginative journey?

    Im doing Harry Potter & the philosopher's stone & believe that it is an excellent text. Our set text is Ender's Game & it is relatble in so many different ways.
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    Change - Related Texts

    Green Eggs & Ham by Dr Suess is a good children's book for this topic.
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    Change - Related Texts

    Changing Perspectives Last year (Yr11) our Area Of Study was Changing Perspectives. Our set text was Looking For Alibrandi. I used these text's for comparision to the AOS & set text: Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavinge (Song lyrics) Losing It - Lizzie Wilcock (Novel) A Change of Perspective - Ruth...
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    Enders Game

    We are studying Ender's Game and I have also chosen The Cat in the Hat. But I am having trouble in comparing this to Ender's Game. Any suggestions?