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    The Daily Life of a HSC Student

    Actually might be following this blog. Can very much relate to this when I did my HSC hahahahah. Careful not to blog too much though. Just do it whenever you have the time is what I reckon. But hey, it's a nice way to reflect back on your progress thus far, so why not? :D
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    Which tutoring centre(s) do the james ruse and top private school studnets go to?

    To OP, It doesn't matter who goes where. At the end of the day, it's about YOU, your hard work, dedication, humility and perseverance that defines YOU as a person. Your performance/results will reflect this very clearly. Just find a tutor that's right for YOU, and away you go.
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    Buying HSC Raw marks... Why is BOSTES taking so long?

    Hey, So I purchased raw marks for one of my subjects. Approximately when they should be arriving? Because BOSTES didn't notify me when they're going to be emailing me the PDFs with the raw marks. Thanks.
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    Which subject to drop?

    Ahhh, thanks a lot of this advice :) The memories of all the stressful days.. long gone.
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    How can i get a band 6 in art?

    Hi there, I assume you're in Year 12, class of 2016? Well firstly I'd like to say well done on choosing such a fine subject; it's extremely rewarding if you do well (I myself achieved a band 6 for art, wasn't expected haha!) For the practical component of Visual Arts - HSC markers are...
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    Which subject to drop?

    Hi all. Currently doing the following for preliminary; Advanced English Mathematics (2U) Mathematics Extension 1 Physics Chemistry Geography Design and Technology Planning to drop Design and Tech so I can do Visual Arts and shift to a different Physics class (due to issues...
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    Extremely Worried.

    Hi all, I'm really worried about Geography, due to the fact that my Geography class is dropkick (where there's students who just muck and around and don't give a damn/bludge and don't do jack rash). I'm scared that those "students" would drag the whole class down in terms of the HSC marks...
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    Ngo and Sons English @ Parra

    Thanks for the reply. I've been to Ngo and Sons (for maths, I have Mr Mai :D) so I know how everything works. I'm just more nervous at the content they teach. I'm going to have Ms Diab, and also the pressure (since everyone goes to Ruse/Baulko the content being taught would be at a much higher...
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    Ngo and Sons English @ Parra

    Hey guys, Not sure what happened, but my parents managed to get me into Ngo and Sons for English at Parra (starting tomorrow), and apparently it's reserved only for Ruse and Baulko kids. Now I don't go to any of those schools myself, let alone a selective school, and my English isn't as good...
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    Ngo and Sons English

    Edit: resolved. Starting soon :)
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    MATHS EMERGENCY ASAP - Ngo and Sons h/w :'(

    tysmtytytyytytytyytytytyvmtysmtytytyyt i love you
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    MATHS EMERGENCY ASAP - Ngo and Sons h/w :'(

    Hi guys, So I go to Ngo and Sons for 3u maths tutoring... Only just started on trig identity. I need help asap on maths h/w or i will be screwed for tomorrow. 1. Simplify the following a) tan2x + cot2x – sec2xcosec2x. b) (1 - cos2x)(1 + cos2x) 2. Prove the following a)...
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    Hi there! Solved it: P(x) = (x-2)2(x+5) We have a cubic poly. Since it is deg 3. Using Trebla's explanation, we get the following: When x = 1, (a - b)(-1)2 = 6 => (a - b) = 6 --------------------------(Equation 1) When x = 3, (3a - b) = 8...
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    MAX/MIN Differentiation

    He should row 8km from A to be land.