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  • From my experience, i was able to adapt to any question thrown at me (maybe i got a bit lucky with the questions given). However to be on the safe side, once you memorised your essay make sure you practice writing it to different questions. Normally I would suggest you to practice writing to different questions and showing to your teacher, however, knowing that you only got a few days before your exam i wouldn't bother showing it to your teacher. Just make sure when you walk into the exam, you are prepared to throw out some of the techniques and include your back up techniques, and link your techniques to different themes in order to address the question (please make sure you can do this, i can't stress how important this is!).
    And one more thing, i wouldn't be too caught up about being rank 1, as long as your in the top 3 you are still highly capable of scoring a band 6!

    Anyway I wish you the best of luck in your exams!
    Pls update me on how well you did in your english exam :)
    Hey sorry i have to post this in public, but your private message is full and i couldn't send it your inbox :p.

    It's great to hear that my guide is actually working and motivating people :p.
    Anyway, I would suggest having around 1.2k (depends how fast you write) words for your essay in the actual exam. Do not try to go over the limit, because you only have 40 minutes to write your essay. When your practicing to rewrite your 1.2k essay - make sure you can write it in 30 minutes. The remaining 10 minutes is used to figure out how to adapt your techniques to the question, and changing your explanation of your techniques to suit the question.
    Personally I would memorise around 1.5k~2k words in an essay (the extra words are from backup techniques/and or second related text), and then choose to leave out/include techniques in the actual exam.
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