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  • heyy! i was starting to get worried that i may not have sent the visitor message coz this website is so slow these days lol
    oh i feel sorry for you! yeah i have 2 sisters, one is 14 and the other one is 5 months old. how many sisters and brothers do you have?
    heyyyy thanks :) yeah its some emo cartoon called Ponzai or something like that lol :)
    just go on google images and search up emo cartoons and you'll find heaps there
    i actually like both ur avatar and ur display pic :) very very very nice :) and cute :)
    oh it says I like pretty things :) :) :) lol
    i kno its too small to see...but i cant b bothered picking out a different one lol
    Lol yyeaahya good stuff!!
    Uhm. switzerland had 3 turks, and 2 albanians. butthey gone!
    Netherlands remains, and has 3 muslims, Van persie, a convert, and 2 others from morroco
    Thats probably it for the remaining teams lol, the reast are spanish and south americans, which have barely any muslims.
    AWESOME to see some people supporting muzzlem players yay
    So must go for Germany and netherlands they both got 3 muslims Woot!
    Do you sometimes stay up till 2am watching the games live lol?
    LOl haha, yesh u r awezoms!
    Yes i watch soccer, but not obsessively, and really only watch it when soccer world cup is on. It da bestest thing.
    I support teams with heaps of muslims, ie with atleast two muslims in them, like Germany which has 3, and France which has 7. Do you lol?
    lol but it was a good post :)
    oh and thanks...if everyone thought like me, this place would be kinda weird (like me) yet so totally awesome. the world would b a better place lol jkz jkz
    your modest answer says you are not a nice person, although some think you are. Only you know your true self, so, what makes you think you are not a nice person?
    Lol hahaha. thank you! you makin me blush yo! :D
    I'm muslim to!
    HEY MUTHA FUCKA!! hows it goin!!?
    Wait, why did you give me NEG rep? it says thread N/A.. try remember
    hey, we dont get jackets, we get jumpers. and we got them at the end of last yr- we got in early too.
    was it an awesome party? sounds pretty cool- you must have some good friends to chuck you a party!
    my house name is bradman- so we're named after sports people too. i went to a catholic school till yr 10 and they were named after saints.
    i have two older sisters, as well as my younger twin sister. they're both at uni at the moment, but came home for the long weekend which was cool. we had some fireworks in our backyard. how was your long weekend? im in legal studies on the teachers laptop- she's pretty laid back. very good teacher though.
    yeah, i guess thats a good thing. i'd rather have a good than crap car. i wasn't brave enough to go for my p's in a manual. i never drove them in town cause i would always stall. i hope your parents let you choose which one you go for your p's in.
    our athletics carnival was pretty boring- yr 12 had to cater for everyone as fundraising for our graduation. i got out of it by actually going in things- just for fun. (i did still help though lol) its my last carnival so i thought i better have fun. i even got a ribbon in high jump! (i hurt lots the next day from it though) we're meant to wear our house colours to the carnivals, so i wore RED! do you have to wear your uniform to carnivals? how was yours?
    i finished my pe assignment, but it wasn't too great. oh well, at least i handed mine in- my friend forgot in all the excitement of the carnival.
    do you have any brothers and sisters? (random i know, but we were talking about my awesome twin sister)
    it feels awesome! actually, its not as cool as i thought it would be. i guess cause all our other friends mostly have them, so its not as special. plus, i don't have a car. gemma and i are planning on getting one, but our dad is so fussy with choosing. we're not allowed a crap one.
    it is pretty cool being a twin, but sometimes it can get frustrating. but it is a relief always having a friend you can count on.
    i have to finish my pe assignment thats due tomorrow this afternoon, then go to work. fun! then we have our athletics carnival tomorrow. yay! (kidding)
    good luck with all the work, and going for your Ls!
    cool. are you going to go for your Ls soon? i just got my Ps on thursday which was very exciting.
    that doesn't sound like a fun workload just before the holidays. i've got my english assignment and a pe due on friday which i've barely started. i don't even get what i have to do!
    and yes, GTwin (or gemma) is my twin sister =)
    my favourite would be legal studies. my teacher is really good, and the class is hilarious. and then it'd be pe i think. but i'm so over school at the moment. i can't wait till holidays. english is the worst subject- two assignments in 4 weeks. ridiculous.
    oh and if your profile says your real birthday, happy birthday for tuesday =)
    have you been getting much work?
    i'm thinking of criminology at the moment. maybe with law if i can get the marks (fingers crossed). and i'm considering a dietitian/nutrionist. i once considered interior design, but i don't think i'm creative enough. are you sure you need art for it? i didn't think you would. my cousin's doing psychology and seems to really like it- we've done a little of it in pdhpe.
    so which one is your favourite subject?
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