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  • heyy, i just regarding your post on the national picture, what sort of ideas did you use in relation to conflicting perspectives, and how did you use both artworks together?
    Hey, I noticed your post regarding the National Picture and I was hoping you would be able to help me out with some of your ideas on the artwork? Thanks a heap!
    heyy =] ...well just like about every comment under mine in your post

    Look up the pictures "The Conciliation" by Benjamin Duterrau
    and "The National Picture" by Geoff Parr.
    The National Picture is an appropriation of The Conciliation, and I used them to link to the conflicting perspectives within JC. If you need more help with it, send me a PM.

    here i am sending you a PM , help please?


    was just wondering what themes of conflicting perspectives you used for the picture and what other points you used?

    thank you

    I saw your post about conflicting perspectives in reference to The National Picture and Conciliation??

    I was wondering if you could just briefly outline some key points to do with the National picture as an 'appropriation' of Conciliation..

    hey mate
    saw that you suggested "the national picture' and "the conciliation" for the related text. I was wondering if you could help me with techniques for it?? Thanks so much!!
    heyy...thnks alot..btw..i jst wanted to ask ur opinion..wat do u rekon of doing van helsing as a text for this module?? looking for a rlted text abt conflciting perspectives. u suggested using "The Conciliation" and "The National Picture" - but in your essay, wat techniques do u include for paintingss??
    im using the national picture as my related text as you suggested
    how did you relate that to juluis caesar?
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