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Recent content by inJust

  1. inJust

    thoughts/feelings for tomorrow??

    If anyone has Engels for laws1052, come up to me and say hi.
  2. inJust

    UNSW Semester Dates Question

    Nah I won't use it anyway... Thanks for the help guys! I'll find out!
  3. inJust

    UNSW Semester Dates Question

    Yeah, but I lost it :-(
  4. inJust

    UNSW Semester Dates Question

    Thanks guys, and what about the random shiz at the end? What does that count as?
  5. inJust

    UNSW Semester Dates Question

    Hey guys, can you guys give me the weeks in semester one, (i.e. week 1/2/3/4/5etc.) and link them to their dates? Because I'm not sure whether mid sem break, and stuvac and stuff count as a week. Cos in my course outlines, they give us when they're due in weeks, and I dont know the dates each...
  6. inJust

    O-Week Public transport

    So just get mymulti in case.
  7. inJust

    Are The Teachers Realistic In Regards to Hours Per Night?

    Bro just chuck a me and study 1 hour a night and sometimes on top of homework. Worked pretty well imo considering 90% of kids didn't even do homework (I am guilty most of the time i.e. copying modern homework off picrick all day everyday)
  8. inJust

    O-Week Public transport

    Does anyone know if buses to O-week is going to be free, or do I have to get a mymulti.
  9. inJust

    UNSW O-Week Meat 2013

    dw, I didnt get drunk til post-HSC.
  10. inJust


    My quest is to slay dem LGs.
  11. inJust

    UNSW O-Week Meat 2013

    Only coming if hot qurls
  12. inJust

    Suits thread

    Re: Suits Discussion (starting from Jan 17th 2013 return) This
  13. inJust

    What would you tell your first-year self?

    Can you take photos of what it looks like please