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  • hey mate,

    I am a stranger but i am interested in your career as a police man. Is it cool to ask a few questions about it?

    I am asian too and i want to join the cops. I am planning to do 2 degrees after hsc. B planning at unsw and b policing via distant university.

    What atar do you need?
    Hows police life?
    Hows goulburn?
    What are the pathways to studying b of policing? distant edu as well?
    How fit do you need to be? Height requirements?
    Oh and do you get designated to a police station or do you get to choose?
    hows long is the course and training?
    can you join forensics or detective after?

    Can you describe your daily work life?

    sorry for so many questions. I will be very grateful if you answer some of them if you get to it.

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