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  • ahh yeahh thats to your advantage because if you ace externals then you get a gun internal mark as well.

    hahah throughout this year ive studied fairly consistently ive just had trouble starting up again post trials. Part of the reason is after trials (cos i put on some weight) i started going swimming for an hour each morning before school which made me really tired by the time i got home so i jsut couldnt study at all and ended up just watching movies etc, but im stopping that now lol
    No problem - I hope I am accurate and reliable, but considering how difficult it is I doubt it (if I'm accurate with 50% of people, I'd be happy)

    I havent seen an estimate from you personally though...
    UNSW, although i dont mind USYD cos it would be far easier to get to

    I havent actually studied since trials finished but im definitely gonna start this week, gonna do past trials for my subjects for the next couple of weeks and then when 'holidays' start im gonna start doing past HSCs.

    How about you?
    confident in all of them i guess my ranks are pretty good, im aiming for anyhting above 99.5, even though my sig says 99.7 thats sort of an in-joke
    hahaha i suppose, but we all spend wayy too much time on this forum procrastinating lol. I wanna do advancedmath/comm at uni but im not sure what job i really want so i may end up doing eco/comm instead not entirely sure. You?
    i dont do chem but i do physics and yeahh you need to write a lot lol try writing really small (but still visible) cos i heard HSC markers dont mark stuff that isnt on the lines. Do you go to penrith high or something?
    Oh... I'll tell you tomorrow.. Too long to type. And who cares.. Still low ranked. And it doesn't really affect the atar
    I don't think you need to know how light works to understand aas.. What exactly do you wanna know though?
    Lol yeah mod 3 and ind Chem I haven't fully gone through it but I'll be King at it by the time hsc comes. Trust me bruh!
    Lol trust me, I will... And me? Need help in Chem? Pfft. Haha I shoulda came first.. Lol jokes nah, I'm all good.
    Lol nah I can never concentrate if I'm in a group. And just give me your essays then. I wanna read it. Lol dw bout your interrogating questions..
    Lol sick trolling.. Lol alright bro. Just give me some notes on hamlet? I need ideas for values and themes. And the same with Frankenstein and br.
    Lol since you first talked to me! And when you said you van get band 6 and 90 atar... Haha
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