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  • Hey,
    pretty much the same question as Jea. Ive applied to do design at NIDA for 2010 and was hoping you could give me a run down on the interview process, how many people they accept per year and what to expect if i get in.

    Hey Jazzmuzik,

    I've just been googleing forums about the NIDA design course, as I'm considering applying for it next year.

    I stumbled on one of your posts, saying that you were excepted in 2007....... just wondering if you could tell me its like, and if its all you thought it would be.

    I studied dance at VCA, and having had a 'somewhat' career in that, I'm now eager to re-study inanother area... the choice is Design at NIDA or Photo Media at a Melbourne design academy.

    I'd be sooooo appreciative of some insight into the NIDA life.

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