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Recent content by Jigmey

  1. Jigmey

    Anyone wanna read my pretty extensive eco essay

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KFgiNazrfppjLfSqxm50-AtwH_YVybOMzN5KzXqKWG4/edit?usp=sharing A mixed market economy partly incorporates interventionist aspects of centrally planned economies and elements of free market economies. The government in a mixed economy can partly answer the 4...
  2. Jigmey

    4 types of relations

    so y = |x-3| would become y = x+3?
  3. Jigmey

    4 types of relations

    Was away for the lesson so am unsure on how to do these questions. Also don’t know what the | x-3| means. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Jigmey

    Question about collective wants

    The question states "Discuss how factors that influence individual and collective wants can be both satisfied and changed through government intervention?" My factors that influence individual and collective wants are advertisements produced by companies and the economies' strength as...
  5. Jigmey

    School Even With Coronavirus Outbreak?

    Guess I'm not going to study in Chatswood
  6. Jigmey

    How to create Notes?

    Are notes the words you write in class or are they like summaries with main points that you create after the lesson?
  7. Jigmey

    Internships at the big banks

    Is it highly favored upon or a requirement to have a bank account for the bank that you are interning for? Like would it be detrimental if you had a bank account with Commonwealth but wanted to do an intern at ANZ?
  8. Jigmey


  9. Jigmey


    Ya forgot to mention that, when you do a co op accounting they send you to 12 months of internships where you get paid by the company
  10. Jigmey


    So you would just do a normal degree without pay and a number of benefits that come from a scholarship?
  11. Jigmey


    if you had the choice of either doing a co op accounting course at Macquarie or a normal bachelor of commerce at UNSW, what would you choose?
  12. Jigmey


  13. Jigmey


    Why is there little mention of Macquarie’s Account Co-op? All I hear about is UNSW and Uts’s co op scholarship. Is macquarie’s scholarship not that good?
  14. Jigmey

    UNSW DATA Science

    Would the bachelor of data science and decisions course at UNSW qualify me for a data scientist role out of UNI, or would I have to progress through careers to become a data scientist?
  15. Jigmey

    Will I drown?

    Does anyone think that my subject selection has alot of workload or would it be considered normal for year 11? Maths Adv, Eng Adv, Economics. Business studies, Modern History (Distance eduacation) and Ancient History. I was thinking about picking a bludge subject but I enjoy modern and ancient...