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  • It's just an alien that was a default avatar when I registered with the site, I think it looks awesome as well.
    yeha i know
    dat arrogance though
    ~~~i dont have to i can do it last minute and beat everyone~~~
    a hard thing to get over

    thank you very much magical internet muslim

    i neglected it because im good at it and have lost 6% so far and failed to submit a lab report and have skipped 3 labs so far

    im so bad
    but that's ok

    if i can exec our geo society and wow them with personality (maybe show a bit of cleavage) i can still make it into prestigious internships


    however in one of my subs i'm not going to well and it's going to ruin my hd dreamz
    why make an alt that isn't trying to get basement asians to think you're a girl? makes no sense hahaah
    9 posts in 30 minutes, all on the mathematics thread, and you are already telling people off for being off topic.
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