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  • umm uni...i'm still not suree at all. i have med first...but i'm pretty sure i wont make it. and then i have commerce/advanced maths. not sure if i actually want to do that though, i have no cluee
    Happy 18th birthday again Julie!!!!!! =]]

    I'm off to the orthodontist now lol. Curse these braces, can't wait 'til I get them off. Late next year. =[
    hmm, i hope i did well in maths, coz i'm really bad at everyting else...., man, mid band 6 for english...thats so goood, i wish i good at english!
    Well, it depends what you mean by "worthwhile". I don't know that an Arts degree with a philosophy major will be that valuable within the context of the labour market. But, I can say that I really loved the two philosophy units that I've taken, and that as far as I'm aware the philosophy department at Sydney Uni is quite well regarded.
    Hi julie!
    Thanks! My textiles major work is due soon! So much to do! So little time! Very glad you liked it!
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