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  • Ohey there! I don't know how the Hornsby kids went, I imagine that most of them passed at the very least. As for the awards ceremony, earlier is better than later, right? :p

    I've been good, HSC nearly over and whatnot :D (I just have physics tomorrow and then I'm done and dusted with the thing. Yay.) Playing way too many games lately, I should really be more productive and learning things. As for mentoring next year, it'll probably be as a tutor rather than a mentor - maybe? I don't know if I can handle large groups, so, I'll see about that. And I'm sure you're good enough to be a mentor! People who pass know the content adequately enough to help out, and helping out is fun.
    Hey, sup. Umm year 12 has been pretty tiring ESP. On days where I have morning classes for 4U and doing 12 units is quite the workload. I'm defs doing more work than ever... Wbu? (I did so well in year 11 for most of my subs except physics , sadly nothing in yr 11 counts :( so I'm not too pumped ATM)
    All my friends went to PPHS, and I didn't want to leave them. I knew like nearly half of my grade before I even went to high school through Primary school, sport, and other things.
    Picnic Point High.

    I actually made it into Hurlestone back in year 6 but didn't go, I could of been in your year lol.
    Glad you're finding it fun! I had fun, too, but was pretty stressed when I did it. I completed it in 2010, and hs1917 then was a bit different to yours. Nonetheless, I think they're both quite challenging. :)

    The huge amount of work and frustration involved can be demotivating at times, but I think the end result is well worth it. :) I understand what you mean with the lab tasks, the difficulty of them as the weeks wear on jumps up. Especially annoying with school as well.

    Being a mentor is okay, it means I'm a not-really-tutor since I'm not in university yet. I don't do as much as tutors, but I try to help! It can be rewarding. It can also be frustrating if you don't know how to explain a concept that you understand well. In any case, it's still good fun, especially meeting other people with similar interests. :D
    Ooooh hi, I noticed you're doing hs1917. I'm one of the mentors from Hornsby. :D How's it going for you? (I might've already met you, but I don't remember, sorry :p)
    Wow, sounds like HS1917 is a lot of work! It sounds pretty intense too but don't forget that there are uni students who also take this course so to make some progression as a high school student is quite impressive! :) Ahh, yes I've heard of the mandelbrot set. It's a really nice pattern but to create a program to print out the set given the coordinates of the centre of the image & the zoom level sounds quite complicated. :O This is no ordinary high school work.

    I wish I found out about it last year or when I was in year 10 because it sounds like a really awesome subject to be doing.

    Thanks for the good luck! :) Work hard in maths & I'm sure you'll make it into 4 unit maths.
    Good luck with your studies this year! :) I hope you do well enough to be able to do 4 unit maths next year.

    Also, I notice in your sig you do HS1917. What is it like? I did get accepted into the course but unfortunately I had to decline as Year 12 is a big year with lots of work. :(
    nah, I didn't go sadly. Was busy that day. Yeah actuarial is heaps hard so hmmm... i fink i shud get off this website, i waste so much time here hahaha....
    Hmm I see. I'm also interested in Actuarial or Comm/Engineering but let's see how I go first in the HSC. Tech is alright, obv it's a sausage fest.
    yes, I am. I must be famous at hurlstone. Anyways, what r u doing on this site? Shouldn't u b studyin? You aimin for Comm/Law as well? (cause I am :/)
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