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Recent content by kaz1

  1. kaz1

    Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot down

    If this was an act of god he's got a hell of a sense of humor.
  2. kaz1

    Richest Australian worth as much as the country's poorest 2.27 mn

    The super rich already get taxed at 45% if they don't exploit their tax loopholes. How much more do you want to squeeze out?
  3. kaz1

    Richest Australian worth as much as the country's poorest 2.27 mn

    When looking at income inequality the discussion should be about how to get poor people rich, not how do we fuck over rich people.
  4. kaz1

    Does God exist?

    Thank you for outlining my morality, I didn't know what it was before. I believe that we should help the poor people now in this life because it is the only life they have and believing that poor oppressed people have salvation in the next life probably stops religious people from helping...
  5. kaz1

    Wanting to believe in a religious/spiritual etc but not at all?

    It's like believing that the Harry Potter magic world exist, I really want it to exist but believing it actually exists is fucking retarded.
  6. kaz1

    Does God exist?

    god will help you in the test but not the poor starving children in Africa
  7. kaz1

    Would you take a one-way ticket to Mars?

    The food you eat now can be traced back to recycled piss and shit. The earlier you go to Mars the better, look at the Wong family in futurama. They became rich enough to build an intersellar mini golf.
  8. kaz1

    Can Labor win the 2016 federal election?

    I'm guessing you're unfamiliar with opinion polls.
  9. kaz1

    Does God exist?

    The main argument against God is that there absolutely no evidence whatsoever supporting its/his/her/their existence. The suffering and injustices in the world shows that god either doesn't give a shit about his creation and is an asshole or god doesn't exist. Evil is subjective and your...
  10. kaz1

    UNSW meat thread v2.

    everyone should be studying for the imminent final exams
  11. kaz1

    Does God exist?

    Actually that is what they do, to claim to know the inner workings and details of the so called creator of the universe who is all knowing, omnipotent and omnipresent is pretty much claiming they know everything. We know very little about the science and the workings of the universe and theists...
  12. kaz1

    Does God exist?

    Science doesn't explain everything so that is an excuse to say religion automatically has the answer, okay then.
  13. kaz1

    muslims prove they're not backwards lunatics; leaglise child marriage

    I was implying that the basis for their reasoning is scriptually sound and it is pretty hard to argue with this minority through only Islamic scholarship. That is why Islam is bad okay.
  14. kaz1

    muslims prove they're not backwards lunatics; leaglise child marriage

    Mohammed fucking a 9 year old certainly isn't a minority view, it's in the Sahih al-Bukhari (the most trusted hadith for sunnis) and all the other points are very mainstream islam.