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  • hahaha yep. less autism then i had expected.
    if you're gonna go out on wednesday let me know hey, my number is 0421 741 506
    haha! yes we do need more regular meats, that was the best one yet i think. and next time you wont have to go to your friends birthday or whatever so you can stick around!
    seriously though you were so lovely, maybe my favourite of the day haha
    haha no worries..
    i wish i could come to the meet..i have my final exam on that day, by the time i get to the city its going to be pretty late + i promised some mates id go for pancakes on the rocks with them.
    any other meats being organised? some time during the hols?
    Yeh, at Ourimbah / Central Coast Campus though, will have to go to Newcastle for some courses later and Masters probably.
    I remember 1008, the little bit of everything course haha.
    Ugh, don't associate me with people from Newcastle. I'm from Sydney.
    m8 you're the one that said e first!

    woops I'm retarded. I thought you said you WERE attempting some sort of e-romance. lololl sozza
    i dont know why u keep saying "e". but since ur from newcastle, i assume u want to get on some pingers and lollies with me?
    groce get out of here girl. i was just testing u!! ud cheat on ur bf!?! u sluzza!!
    no lol im not attempting to seek some sort of e-romance

    but we can still be really really really close friends.. right!?!?!
    dw.. if you play your cards right, there just might be a little opening ;)
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