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    induction help

    1+ 1/rt2 + 1/rt3 + ...+ 1/rt(n) > 2(rt(n+1) -1)
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    o week

    what are our iLearn usernames/passwords...cos i tried my estudent one and it doesnt work
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    actuarial studies, marks required?

    yeh ive already done applications, was just wondering. and you can change course preferences until jan 5.
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    actuarial studies, marks required?

    i just finished year 12, going to uni this year
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    actuarial studies, marks required?

    I am really interested in maths and business and stuff. I got 93 in 3unit and 89 in 4unit, is that enough to pass? I know uni maths is alot different, but just wondering...
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    engineering question

    I want to know which would give me the best work opportunity as an engineer, straight out of uni and 10-15 years from now.
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    engineering question

    engineering/commerce vs engineering single, with masters after dont want to do both cos that would take too long
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    ext2 maths tutor needed
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    tutor- blacktown area- all levels of maths, chemistry, biology

    I have a huge stack of resources and past papers for each subject. I also give unlimited free online/phone tutoring. I have one year of tutoring experience (to year 11 students because I just finished year 12) and am tutoring in general maths, 2unit maths, 3unit maths, 4unit maths, chemistry...
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    Sugarcane to produce Ethanol

    The dotpoint mentions the industrial process so you need a bit more detail: 1) The sugarcane is harvested. It is crushed and grinded to a pulp. 2) Sulfuric acid is added and the pulp is filtered. Higher concentrations of acid are then added, and it is again filtered. 3) Calcium hydroxide is then...
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    Biology raw mark band 6

    definitely do 4unit maths
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    Study and exam strategies for mx2

    how much do you think we should be studying today? cos im pretty relaxed atm...
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    Can you pick up studies of religion (1unit) if you don't it in year 11?

    depends on the school...ask and see