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    UNSW Sem 1 Final Exams Thread

    what's this about, mgmt or fins? pic from previous page doesn't load anymore
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    Level 2 electives?

    Are there any easy level 2 electives that don't have a prerequisite that isn't within ASB?
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    Fins1613 resources?

    How hard is the quiz? What kind of question did it have?
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    ECON1101 midsem

    Has anyone done the econ1101 midsem here? How was it? What kind of questions did they ask? I heard mixed things from people so idk what to expect
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    UNSW Roll Call 2015

    cause i know you in real life
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    UNSW Roll Call 2015

    what do you mean by the bridging?
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    UNSW Roll Call 2015

    How can you get a BSC in Comp Sci if you didn't do COMP1917?
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    State Rank Mark?

    Probably ~95 raw
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    RIP Gough Whitlam.

    Goff Whitlam, rip
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    Post Your 2015 Sem 1 Timetable

    My timetable is the best. no fucking exaggeration.
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    Do people that get 98/99 atars do just as well in uni?

    people above are stupid. instead of ATAR there are still many people who will ask you what your WAM is. doesn't mean they're bad people at all.
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    Do people that get 98/99 atars do just as well in uni?

    only if you put in the required effort.
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    2014 Internal Ranks Thread

    aint nobody care
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    Raw mark for State Rank?

    You guys are so retarded. State ranks are only based on externals.