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  • hey how you going, have you found any good notes for legal? The resources are really out of date for us, I'm trying to get some together for everyone
    hi sam
    yes i did get your messages, sorry i didnt reply until now...
    ...we are currently doing our Trials .. my last one is on Thursday 9th August.
    when are yours?
    i thought i may be too late & u may have already done your English Trials?
    i went onto the website you gave, but still cannot think of any related texts for you!! i am so sorry! maybe because i am used to thinking about speeches/distinctive voices?!
    if you send me a question from a past paper, i may be able to think of a related that may fit?!
    Go to this link: http://www.hsc.csu.edu.au/english/standard/language/elect1/3994/lavender.htm
    it will help you get more idea what it is..

    its for the same elective/module: Distinctive Voices

    I'll probably choose either The Dark Knight as the related text or King's speech
    for me Dark Knight is much easier because it shows similarity to the prescribed text, but doesnt have much dialogue... except the Joker...

    can you reply to my email address, i have told you in the previous message.. thanks
    Hi legallaura

    thank you for your reply,

    The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender is about:
    The first book in the Claudia Valentine series is THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF HARRY LAVENDER and is a quick and enjoyable introduction to the Sydney-based private investigator. Claudia's usual area of expertise is insurance investigation, but when an ex-school friend calls on her about her dead brother she feels compelled to help. The dead man is Mark Bannister and he's a writer who was working on what he hoped would be his first bestseller. His death was treated by the police to be by natural causes because it looked as though his heart simply failed after all he already had a pacemaker. But two factors have made the death look suspicious: the first is the presence of heroin in Mark's bloodstream; the second was the presence of a strange note found with his body that simply reads "Terminal illness".
    in response to the question about related text for "Speeches" as a Distinctive Voice module

    :) Good luck

    hi, try choosing one of the following
    * A Beautiful Mind (film)
    * The Kings speech (film)
    * The Redfern Address by Paul Keating (speech)

    In return can you give me a related text for "The Life and Crime of Harry Lavender" by Marele Day...:confused:

    So far I have come up with
    * Forrest Gump (film)
    * The Dark Knight (2008) - (film)
    * The King's speech
    * A Beautiful Mind
    * Ben. E King - "Stand By Me" (song/lyric)

    Can you respond to my text via email and Bored of study inbox
    - email address: sh.041995@gmail.com
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