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  • oh rural entry, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, u still gotta get a pretty damn good ATAR to get in to med even with rural entry!!!! =]]]
    and yes i am from sydney, however i live about 1hr away from UNSW, so not THAT close (UNCLE is about 2hrs away tho lol, so quite a bit further)

    well HOPEFULLY I SEE U NEXT YEAR AT UNSW medicine =]]]
    ohhhhhh nice, hopefully we both make it in then xD and HECTIC congrats on already being accepted at JCU!!!!! =]]]
    is UNSW first for you because you live in sydney??? (my main motivation lol)
    ummmmmmmmmmm ima trying for UNSW first preference, then UNCLE second (fingers crossed for UNSW cos it wud be so much more convenient lol)

    Yeah med sci at USYD and UNSW are on my prefs after med...or I might possibly have optom in there after med I'm not sure. I put USYD before USNW for med sci though because apparently it is very difficult to transfer or get into the graduate entry program for med from med sci at UNSW, and figured it would be better to just do it at USYD then do post grad med there too.

    My backup plan if I don't get in at UNSW though is basically to accept and defer some other course and do the UMAT again after some coaching, then try UNSW again.
    yeah fair enough, I personally don't want to study interstate let alone go there for interviews, and I've always wanted to go to UNSW anyway so I don't mind not getting UWS.
    I applied to newcastle and UWS as well, did interview for newcastle but my umat wasn't high enough for UWS, wbu?
    hey, i saw you got a band 6 for Japanese!!! Congradulations! I was just wondering...do you have any tips for Japanese Cont. I'm doing it for the HSC now and for the past 10 years my school hasnt broken into the Band 6 range yet and i want to break this stupid curse our school has haha. Anything would be appreciated!

    P.s Congrads on ur great ATAR!
    Hey Liza,
    I read that you have a med interview with JCU. I also have one, what date is yours? Mine is the 10th of December, but theres a clash for me as I have to be somewhere overseas(not relaxing on a holiday). I spoke to JCU and they said the only way for me to change the date is to swap with someone. Hey if i didnt have anything to do that month the 10th would be a great time for an interview.

    PLEASE help!!


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