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  • ohh, thought i deleted that age thing, yea, iam, i turned so in april, whens urs?

    wait, i thought u juz finished yr12, how can u be that old? lol
    i sure am :)

    gosh i cant help but dwell on the fact you dont look or sound paki

    to tell ya the truth, i dont find indian women attractive, unless ofcourse they have that bolly-wood look on them hehe ;)

    come sydney someday? are you goin to?
    hehe wow, you sound...great, then i assume seeing you have fair skin, you sound pretty hot to me lol

    is there something u typed after height, coz the thing on ur visitor message is still loading? lol

    other then that, you sound great :D
    yea well i could hardly recognize the way you type, you dont sound paki one bit?

    and i thought for a second that pic was really you :( *sob* lol nah didnt think so

    im not sure, just that one girl whos hot, from bride and prejudice and shes also in pink panther 2 dunno her name, but shes a model, won miss india sometime ago...ya lol

    so what u look like? if u dont mind describing :p hhehe
    daymm girl, i thought u were a pure aussie bred hehe

    but i heard some indian girls are hot, especially those from bolly-wood daymm hehe

    are you one of those good looking girls? hehe sorry xD
    nah they wont do that, wait so your saying your a chick, whos indian, or are you born in australia with indian background, shit im confused man? lol
    ohh u left, you could of said so hehe

    well thanks for the friend request, and have a goodnight, ciao now :D
    no worries, btw dumb question to ask, but you are a real girl right? lol

    juz thers alot of trolls out here impersonating other figures ehehe

    may i ask if you are in uni/school atm? lol
    hehe, well in time you will know, for now, juz call me the sexy ruthless skyline lol

    nah jkz, juz call me skyline for now :)
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