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  • thats okay. and yeah now that it is fast approaching hsc.. i should be doing past papers. thanks for the advice!
    How do I improve in maths ext 1? like i'm all sweet with 2 unit but when it comes to ext1, I just cant see the solution.
    how have you been mate it's been too long

    serious lets have a catch up soon
    Hi Namu

    This is Sylvia, Dale's mum.

    Dale and I could not locate any threads by you for Math tutoring under the tutoring section and so decided to drop you a message here (the Oct 2010 one will not allow us to post?).

    We just wanted to thank you for your invaluable help and support for both Math and Business Studies (the latter was so last minute and we are really grateful for your help. The jump in marks as a result of that few hours of coaching from you was truly impressive ).

    Words can't adequately express the quality of your tutoring skills. You did an excellent job for both subjects and we are sure all your students will do well under your capable guidance.

    We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and are certain that you will excel in everything you undertake.

    Please feel free to quote this message in your future adverts for prospective students.

    Best regards
    Yeah, i had the same problem in sem 1. Didn't do any work and hence was screwed for the finals. I might do work in sem 2 if the workload is pretty small relative to sem 1. But the good thing is that i only have 3 days as opposed to 5 :D
    btw, how'd u go in exams?
    Study mode? When does sem 2 start? I'm doing act1001, fins1613, math1251, math1081. What subjects are you doing?
    Holidays are okay. Well better than going to uni every other day. How's your holidays?
    you wanna start again??

    lol " you wish you are", its lucky your good ( i mean semi good, mister nobody :))at maths, cause your english is shithouse!
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