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  • ah bad luck with that... well, thanks anyway, if you do find a copy anyway could you give us a yell? cheers mate.
    hey mate

    great work with your physics notes, they are of much assistance for Space and Motor/Gen topics, but was wondering if you have got a copy/could upload any for Ideas and Implementations? many sources are very convoluted by yours are very articulate and a great reference point in times of need...

    cheers mate
    Hey hey.

    Indeed i am. I guess i'll see you there then eh? I'll probably be in brown shorts and some form of shirt :p
    Every1 just check Dillegentstudent's profile and you will see the idiot he really is, the comments indicate that no one likes him and his negative reputations also shows this
    I don't know who the fuck you are, but my buyers have been satisfied with my books + the condition they are in, so if I were you I would gtfo.
    Im interested in buying these two books:

    Phoenix HSC 3unit Maths – Practice Questions by Topic with solutions – Owain Rowland Jones - $20 (Brand new)
    Year 12 HSC Economics - Australia in the Global Economy 2009 Edition Textbook– Tim Dixon & John O’Mahony - $15

    I live in punchbowl but yerh i can meet up where it suits you if you want
    u get a total of 10 pts so u can get in with 75. just make sure youur questionnaire expresses your interest in engineering well. or you can just choose an "unpopular" discipline, like electrical. u can transfer anyways.
    what discipline of engineering did you get in for was it like civil, electrical?

    oh so you applied for the disadvantaged scheme, no wonder you got in with 75.
    That's the great thing about UTS. They give u 6bonus points plus the disadvantage mark :)
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