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    sorry i dn't know how it works but you need to improve everything except for english and make sure u ace the externals
    tc goodluck all the best
    Probably around 80-85, you really need those English marks to get better. It would be hard to get 90+ with those results since CSSA trials are generally not the hardest trials out there.
    I really can't help you with that question. It's up to you to decide what you expect to gain from a UTS Engineering degree.
    I'm in year 11 so I'm not 100% about this.

    If you're close to the cut off or there's only a few spots left then this questionnaire is important as it will differentiate you from the rest of the group. This is your chance to show the selection panel who you are as all they usually see is your student number and ATAR. Don't rush your answers. You want to answer it as well as possible to give yourself the best chance.
    It's up to you. Just write the first 3 questions you would ask and provide a good reason why you thought of those 3 first.
    You are faced with a technical problem. How do you start solving it? What is your thought process?
    E.g. I would do some research first then I would attempt to solve the problem. If I can't solve the problem then I would do some more research.

    Something like that where you explain how you would start fixing the problem & what you would do if you find obstacles in your way.
    Typing raw internal marks will give you an extremely inaccurate estimate, as they are heavily moderated by BOS. An ATAR calculator gives you an estimate based on your final marks (average of moderated internal and aligned external). They are most useful when you recieve your results from BOS and are waiting for UAC to release the ATAR's.
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