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    Not enough room?

    i read somewhere that the amount of lines allocated is how much the markers expect you to write, but i went from the very edge of one side to the very edge of the other side.. who needs margins? lol. there was like a 6 mark question with like 4 lines, I thought that was pretty stupid!! :)
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    Rate the exam

    i thought it was pretty easy, I was done in hour n a half, everyone else was done by two hours! the thing I found weird was there were hardly any plant questions, it was all animals and like genetically modifying stuff... which i have no problem with i just found it weird
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    yeah thats pretty much what I wrote, expended it a lot though... I luved that question! I wrote like three pages on it alone, the last one was a bit basic, but overall the option was good i thought!
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    What im glad they DIDNT test

    yep so stoked that batteries weren't in there, and the ions testing... cause I could never remember either of those!!!
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    GRRRRRRR-no big CFC questions

    yeah I was stoked with the haber process question, but a big CFC question woulda been heaps better then some of the other crap they had in there!! I thought it was weird there were so many 5-7 mark questions, I woulda thought they would be mostly 3, 4 markers... Oh well... who cares now hey?
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    Ratio Boy To Girl In Chem

    we had one class of 8, 6 boys, 2 girls. at the start of year 11 there were 6 girls, 9 boys. but all the derros dropped out so it was all good.. :D
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    incorrect dimension in second drawing question ?

    yep me too... i didn't have a compass to start with, but aren't all drawings supposed to be freehand anywayz!? ohwells, i thought that one was better then the first one.. mine just sucked
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    I think I failed.

    Well, i just expected it to be hard after going over past papers, and I usually suck at the calculations anywayz, but overall I thought it was reasonably good... as Adam said u just crap on about stuff you know.. but I guess i will just wait and see results as to whether it was actually hard...
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    Multiple Choice

    1A 2D 3C 4B ? 5B ? 6B ? 7D 8C? 9D ? 10 A or C (can't remember... one of them! as u can see most of mine were guesses!! But looking at everyone elses mine were pretty close to what everyone else got.. I only did the FBD for the last question, didn't have a clue about calculations...
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    Welcome to the Faculty of Engg and Built Env

    Hey thanx guys, I tried to reply earlier but BoS site wasn't working on my puta. plus studying for exams and everything... :) I'm pretty confident I should get into engineering coz exams went well, so thanx for the advice coz I was worried about the physics aspect.. :uhhuh:
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    Do u believe HSC markers are .....

    damn well hope not... mine just keep getting worse as the essays went on!!! I feel sorry for anyone marking mine!!! :uhhuh:
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    Question 3 c

    damn, now I've read ur answers I think I did mine wrong... oops... u gotta hate that!!! but who cares its all over now!!!!
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    Estimate your mark:

    I'm a 2/3 unit n I think about 55-60% coz I fuked up the last Question and Q6 was a bit of a poor effort... but the rest was fine! I thought it was easier then the trial... but I guess I had a hangover for the trial... :lol:
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    reason for difficulty....

    i heard something about making the exams harder so not as many ppl get into uni or something retarded like that!! and apart from Q6 and 7 i think the rest was pretty easy
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    4 unit EASIER than 2 unit

    I was wondering that too... fingers crossed that 3 unit it easy :) please God... I do 3 unit, and I found question 10 bloody impossible... and Q9 was a toughy but all together it wasn't too bad at the start...