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  • Ah i just realised I sound retarded lol, maybe ur school doesnt do what my school does, though I thought most schools would do this. For maths assessments we get a notification 2 weeks before listing the concepts we will be examined on. For example it would have "Binomial Theorem" as a major point, followed by little points involving that concept like "Simplifies expressions using the binomial theorem" or "Simplifies binomial identities" etc etc...
    So I guess u dont have that haha.
    Thanks haha, though I dont think i'd come close to Realise though :p my test was just on complex numbers, and we arent doing integration as topic 2, we're doing conics, then polynomials, then integration I think :) THough generally for complex no's I would say, don't overcomplicate questions, most of them work out far easier than you would expect. Break down questions to each component and you will find things easier that way. Idk if thats any help LOL I'd have to know whats on your assessment notification. So what does it say on the notification?
    History extension is awesome. It challenges everything you learn in modern.

    - There is no such thing as history (Keith Jenkins)
    - Holocaust never occurred (David Irving)
    hi there,
    yeah our subjects are pretty similar, I did ext eng in year 11 too, then i dropped it for History ext.
    history extensions pretty fun, its like philosophy :) and yeah im coming 1st so alls good!

    Good luck with eng ext, do consider history extension though!
    Oh okay!
    I read HOD for my Extension English 1 topic: Post-colonialism and Imperialistic Ideologies.
    Have a tonne of notes on this text + related.... not really a tonne, but a LOT! Just have to locate them.... probably hidden somewhere in the corner of my bookshelf amongst the pile of my Prelim HSC notes and papers... LOL

    If you need help, feel free to ask.... :)
    Oh lol:)
    Yeah, I guessed it was you after looking at your profile, especially your school:)
    Congrats on gaining admission into the Extension English course. I'm guessing you got band 6 for school cert?
    If you ever need help (in year 12, after my hsc:p lol), I'm always available for tutoring :D
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