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  • well wtf is the 'ply' part supposed to be? like MultiPly? wtf? rofl.

    what usernames did you try -______- .. like 'Champion', 'Elite', 'Fag' ?
    yes i suppose you are if you are concluding that from your amusing arrogance

    probably idk possibly not, i'm used to not having it around
    lololololol no rage @ grammar, i'm biased towards them if anything -> forced rents to send my bro to grammar
    somehow i don't think that reference would be made in your profile if you were at certain other schools. + rofl biased?
    also, ye i do have a cousin but i think you must be thinking of the wrong person cus he's kinda lame
    Academic Programme: Awesome Subjects
    Educational Institution: Awesome School

    rofl only a grammar kid would
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