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  • Lots of people in my course enjoyed BOH but i didnt really (had bad clinical partners - most of the people in course were aware I drew the short straw, multiple times!). The best part of the course for me was rural placement in third year, got to choose where I went and who I went with!! (it was like a holiday!). But I have to say that its a good opportunity to see if you might actually enjoy being a dentist if that is what you aspire to do.

    You can ask me more questions about the course if you want, ill try to be obective.
    I have already finished, a cohort of 40 is actually quite big for BOH! the reason the cohort is so small is because of the number of chairs available in clinics for you guys to work in. If there are 40 of you they will need to find 20 chairs (you get paired up and you have no choice with who you get), this will probably mean you guys will be split up a lot when you start working with patients. At westmead hospital there isnt a clinic with more than 8 chairs. At sydney dental hospital the most ive seen is 17 chairs.

    The other reason to keep a small cohort is that not many BOH grads get into Dent (none from BOH2010 - not sure if any got in for 2012, dont think so and none BOH2011) so everyone is looking for jobs when they finish and they are in very limited supply, a few needed to go out of sydney to get a job. BOH2012 may be more successful in getting into dentistry.
    email Dianne Smith Dianne.Smith@wsahs.nsw.gov.au she will be able to tell you.

    good luck. dont worry if you dont get in, the co-ordinator of the course told my friend that he didnt think it was the best course for someone who wants to do dentistry after. too much work and doesnt prepare you for gamsat.

    and btw no one from BOH 2010 got into dentistry, not even for 2012 entry. same story for BOH 2011. i havent tried.
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