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  • YAY! :) aw really? science at UTS sounds awesome? so i'm guessing bachelor of science? i wanna go in the science field too but at sydney uni :) seems like tsonga is doing a pretty good job- i reckon he will win the 2nd set too ^^ aww it's a shame you don't have a job you could have learnt a lot of money this holidays since u have so many! :p keep trying!! and also if you want a picture for your background you have to create an album and put the picture in there first then copy the picture url in the box under the heading 'background image' in the control user place.. hope that makes sense
    haha compared to my page your page is plain mongoz! you need to make it fancy and prettiful! :D
    yess i kno i'm so annoyed i have school in one more day! post-school depression! :p i'm actually very jealous of you!! you going to uni??? you get SOO many more holidays than me! u get like another month off! :O i'm a little terrified and a little excited to start year 11 :) i have more freedom :D but more work :(
    well i've enjoyed my holidays- basically been relaxing ALOT! :D right now i'm watching the tennis! woo! go tsonga! :p
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