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    so how did you rebel?

    You know, it may seem at this age, that your parents dont give a crap about what you like or dont like, what you wanna do etc.. they just want you to do what they want. And most of use disrespect them and all hate them for this But im pretty sure 90% of u all once you are older and have kids...
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    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    87.7 Happy with my mark :D was expecting 70s
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    HSC Results and ATAR

    hey, so we get out results 2morro 6am , yes everyone is nervous im mostly shitting it, the fact that im probably gna get told of by the rents. Anyway, when we get our results, we only get our aligned HSC marks and bands Is there a way to accurately estimate ur atar with them? Would you just...
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    galvanic cells

    the liquid junctions represent a n-type and p-type semiconductor, most likely in liquid state. The junction, when connected to a external circuit causes electrons to flow through the circuit once its exposed to sunlight (UV radiation). This is how they make solar cells. This isn't in the...
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    Multiple Choice

    Ok, here you go fuller, These are the correct answers, according to my engineering teacher [who is a HSC marker] 1) C 2) C 3) A 4) C 5) D 6) B 7) D 8) B 9) D or B ( forget which 1 he said ) 10) A wow, you done really good, 9/10 congrats
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    Multiple Choice

    These where mine, Don't know if there correct, but was fairly confident with them. 1) C 2) C 3) B 4) C 5) D 6) C 7) D 8) B 9) D 10) A yes, one A lol was like :o
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    Omgg, hectic got it right :D i spent soo long on that 1 too, and then guessed it
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    Wow, you got it spot on... Picture memory? and and if you could be so kind, to also post the answers :D Dimensions you had to use your Rules... plate to plate = 1.6D point to point = 1.8D diameter = 0.8D Ect, ect, ect......
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    i think i got around 18mm diameter... I know i got that for a question, but cant remember clearly if it was the diameter one.. but am pretty sure it was
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    Why did you divide or multiply by 2? When you converted mm squared into m squared Did you do x 10^-3 OR x 10^-6 because its ment to be x 10^-6 hmm... im pretty confident i got it correct, but there is a possiblity of a stupid error
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    .. Dont u reckon 50 smthing diameter is a bit too big? And for the Drag question I did: i think you where given Drag to Lift ratio 1:8 so Drag/Lift = 1/8 Hence, Lift = 8 x Drag Then i did Cos 'Theta' = lift/weight Weight and angle was given so i found out lift. Then used Tan 'theta' =...
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    Diameter was 18mm i think by memory? And yes True length WAS 8m.. Ohh and can someone post up both the correct answers for the drawings? :D That is where i reckon i lost most my marks, the rest was relatively easy :)
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    Engineering Marathon

    I would talk about hybrid vehicles.. eg electric and how an AC induction motor can be used to improve energy efficiency btw, this question is really vague, as its asking for 'improved energy efficiency'... in reality electric, hydro Solar etc.. at this moment, can now where near provide enough...
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    Engineering Drawings

    umm in our course its only orthogonal, oblique, and isometric... but i guess its half and full sections that let me down, i dont know why, but i cannot understand complex Drawings.
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    lol, Nahh i wouldnt say that... for assessments yea.. the top 5 are really good.. but for exams Its heaps competitive the whole class... maybe not like 2-3 ppl that are ranked the lowest