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  • mRJoJo....havent talked to you in ages!!! how have you been? how is uni going for you???? gosh ive missed talking to you. Been doing anything fun lately??
    ive been trying to find a job but was seriously unsuccessful :(
    i got offered a place at uws for b business and commerce/b laws so i am soooo happy atm :D :D
    ive started dieting again just so that i maintain my ideal weight. Ive started exercising again too. clubbing on the weekends eh? yeah im not 18 yet..i dont turn 18 until july so till then no partying for me lol
    omg congratz, did you get a position at UTS???
    all the best, tc
    well i could still get into law at uws so i will do that and then maybe transfer into law/comm at usyd the next year.
    lol i had fun on nye what about you?
    just came back to sydney yeszterday i was on hols. what have you been doing lately?
    hope you are having a blast :)
    yeah i went ok i guess. I got band 5s across all subjects. what about you?? how did you go? :D :D hope you went well. Merry christmas
    hey study isnt too bad. what about you? how are your hols going? sorry for not sending any visitor messages, this website has been so slow lately :( :(
    Hamlet eh? for our third module we are doing Julius Caesar....blah boring
    theres this dude thats at war and he tells another guy hold the sword so that i can run into it....weird much?????
    honestly, shakespeare is a total weirdo
    was ur assessment a speech or an essay?
    coool, i went for a spin around brighton and la perous and elsewhere...and shopping...might get my legal studies mark on friday, for some reason a sleect group of papers are getting double marked...meh :)
    we have athletics carnival on thursday so thats gna b pretty awesome
    tc, peace out :):):)
    heyyy francisco!!!! =) my weekend was gud :) went shopping, spent some time with my mum, yep all gud :) and studies are coming along nicely, ive been getting 90s in my assessments :) and im gna get my legal studies makr tomorrow, ill keep you informed ;)
    anyway enough about me, what about you?
    how was your long weekend??? did you do anything totally AWESOME?
    and how is school going? i really hope that all is well :)
    study study study my friend! omg good luck with ur assessments, ull do awesome
    i have an assessment this week, an assessment next week and one next week and one the week after that as well...we also might be getting a maths assessment in week 8.. :(
    but all ina ll, everything is going great! wbu?
    wow! thats impressive :)
    well yeah, studies for me are going k but its getting a bit stressful now coz u know teachers are trying to finish the syllabus on time, ext 2 english is gonna b due in aboput 2 months and im only half way through
    franny, srsly mate. stop picking up chicks over freaking BOS. get a life mate. not looking good.
    no. maths was NOT easy for you.
    dunno, havent got a date yet, still figuring out venues and stuff
    like good fiction books
    the other day i bought the time travelers wife and the lovely bones but u know, i dun wanna buy harry potter or twilight coz ive read them
    lol :) wow, ur cousin's car? do u hav ur P's?? im still on L's lol (partly coz i turn 17 in july :)
    sounds like ur having fun :) well, now i gotta plan the formal
    do u know any good books?
    LOL extremely!!! finished exams and u know u feel at ease and stuff so thats pretty good, but im not gonna slack off during the hols, im gna do some extra study so ya
    wbu? going easter show or sumthin? how hav ur hols been so far?
    studying for maths and exty 1 english :)
    yeah i enjoy writing, though i dislike all the constraints that we are placed under with ext 2 english, such as font size, font, amount of words that we have to write, no swearing unless it is relevant to your story...im more of a free writer :) OH WOW...OMG SO GOOD TO HEAR THAT U DID WELL!!!! :) im soo prud of you ;) keep up the good work
    writing a fair amount is good for legal studies :)
    ahaha focus topics? well we havent started that yet, actually my teacher started with the focus study crime...then now we have moved onto learning most of the stuff that we were learning last year in legal studies..international and domestic rights/laws, customary law, human rights, administrative law etc etc...good on u :) what is the essay about? yeah i have to learn a long response for my half yearly as well....but i mean, having a good memory is an advantage in these cases...
    dont freak out, ull do well with ur exams
    thanks for the advice, much appreciated :)
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