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  • Oh man, Hood is such a great song! I wrote a big thing on my blog about how much I love the swing feel in the first line, then the piano goodness and the heartbreak and universal themes and how his entire album is like ~all my feels~

    You should also check out 'Normal Song' or really the entire Get Your Back N 2 It album because its been my favourite for a few months now :)
    well you could maybe post it to me at my ~swedish home~ but i don't know the address but i love you too and even knowing you wrote something is enough to tide me over until september i guess i love you ex oh
    i already play guitar. i thought you knew that? ;___;
    i know that you play guitar
    this hurts me, mg. i am hurt :(
    i'm always bored for some reason :( i need to get myself a hobby...
    how are you? i see that you got double gold during the night
    Hai :)
    Yeah, it takes all sorts to make a world (oh the cliche :/). :D I swear on one of the course info days, two girls were acting so stuck up lol (like they had a pole shoved up their, well... need I say more?).
    Good to hear you love your uni, I've heard good things about Hawkesbury (I think they recently had many renovations, including a rebuilding of the science block? Sorry, not too sure). Yeah, my friends said that those ornaments make the campus look like a tacky version of Hollywood Boulevard :D... I honestly can't wait to start at Parra and Penrith ^_^
    Yep, I went to Colo :) and I loved it (regardless of the outside opinion of the school itself). I might've known them (I was technically supposed to be in the 2010 yr 12, but when I moved to Brisbane for three months, it screwed up a whole year of my schooling :(), what were their names? (If you don't mind me asking? if you do mind however, tell me to get stuffed and I'd understand)...
    You're welcome, and no, thank-you :) It actually made me feel good about what degree I'm doing (because I didn't even think I would make it in to any uni, so I really went out on a whim by choosing law as my first option). Sure, UWS lacks 'prestige' per se, but I also believe the people there would be more down to Earth unlike some of the pretentious snobs on here, so really, I'm just happy with getting my foot in the door :D

    What campus are you on? I think I read somewhere that you're at the Hawkesbury campus? (that doesn't sound stalker-like at all) I've heard that it's a great campus (as two of my friends go there ^_^)

    Best of luck with your course this year and whatnot :)
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