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  • Ahh fair enough, I see, yeah the ties thing is going to be tricky, I'm still not sure whether I want to do a Cadetship and stick with accounting or take my chance with IB(since I'm not sure how well I'll do in Finance at Uni) and be slower in getting my CPA If I do fail and go into accounting anyways. Thanks for the advice, don't know why, but your information always goes well with me. I'll be sure to post later in the year. Thanks again.
    cadetships are always good because its a professional environment at least and they know you can conduct yourself. i know two guys who converted cadetships into IB. its a bit tricky because you obviously have ties to the accounting firm that you work with so its important to manage that and leave on a good note since its a small world in the CBD. exchange to japan is interesting but not really value add - most people do it for fun and obviously good conversation piece during interviews but you wont get extra points for it. Most people also do exchange at the end of their university degrees so by then they would have had the job already lined up
    Heeeey Newbie, long time fan of you. I was wondering what they think of Cadetships in terms of resume work experience in IB? Sounds like it doesn't get counted towards much. I was thinking if I should do a cadetship and quit second year if I get an internship for IB. Is internships the best work experience you can get? Do they recognise Accounting work, and if they do is Transactional work the best way to go? Apart from related competitions and being president of a club, is there anything else they value enough to be on a resume? Would Exchange at say Japan be of any benefit?
    can you please tell me a bit about Mr Gu? co z=== I am interested interested
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