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  • Wow a masters! Impressive. I'm studying law/commerce majoring in finance. Good luck with it all :) and I guess ill cya round on campus some time :)
    Through it? I am yet to attend my first lecture! :p
    I am a first year too!
    Going to the uni anytime soon? We can catch up before the 'meat' if u feel like.. :)
    Criminology! Woah!! :)
    Oh, and as far as I'm aware of, the only other place we 'chat' is on Facebook (but only those who have met in reality usually add each other :D). However, there are quite a few of us UWSers floating around on here, you just have to catch them at the right time :) They're a pretty cool bunch too, and also, try to associate with those from other universities/colleges as well, although some on here seem a bit uptight (for want of a better word), they can also be pretty cool if you get to know them :) How did you hear about this site? (if you don't mind me asking ^_^)
    Ah, but SGSM is still brilliant anyway XD and wow, a masters? Damn smarty pants how far are you through it?
    Yeah, it's just going to be a simple lunch and movie thing, but everything shall be finalized in the next few days... Hopefully :/. So when I know more, I'll send it your way
    Um yep, I study at Parramatta campus (as well as Penrith), and I'm currently doing Law/Social science (criminology and criminal justice). I'm currently a first year though, so I deem myself to be at the beginning of an extremely grueling hurdle ^_^
    Hey there Newbie :)
    So, you're at Parramatta then? If so, have you just transferred in or something? ^_^
    Quite a few of us UWS BoSers are having a meat (on the 30th of June, I think), and you are most definitely welcome to attend. There will be a few of us there, particularly from Parramatta, and from looking at your 'about me' section on here, I can sort of deduce that you're interested in business, so I think you might be interested to know that there shoud be at least 2-3 business people at this event (albeit, they are combining bus. With law, but they still seem like a pleasant bunch :D)... If you want details for the meat, either look at the UWS chatter thread, or message me or something, and i'll help in any way I can :)
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