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  • Hi, I am interested in your tutoring for 2014 HSC in Math Ext 1, What area are you around? I am in Campbelltown but will look at travelling a fair bit for this tutoring :)
    btw lad, i was just shit stirring before. I don't think any of my 1225 posts in p00n have ever been serious.
    haha i have. I couldn't of stuffed up something like that. ANyway i guess i'll just have to remain anonymous
    i sent a message earlier, just making us even, since everyone knows who you are its only fair that you know who others are
    I see what you mean about the paper lol. Went through it and only missed 1 question in the first 6, get to question 7 and got about half the marks, question 8 got everything but the induction, and then mfw i saw the induction. FUAAAAAARKKKK
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