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    The ATAR cutoff for education/arts isn't provided on the USYD website. Why is that?? Do they consider application forms or?
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    Does your attendance rate affect your ATAR?

    Well, I've been studying over the topics at home by myself. I will be attending lessons more regularly from now on, provided everyone's comments.
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    Internal and external marks

    For instance, if I get 16% on my eco trial but get 70% on the eco HSC exam, how will my overall HSC mark and ATAR balance out/be calculated? I still don't quite understand the whole process.
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    Does your attendance rate affect your ATAR?

    I haven't been attending lessons much recently. Will this affect my HSC & ATAR? I attend a single sex, government school and they haven't said much about attendance rate apart from illness/misadventure forms :/
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    Another question regarding the ATAR

    So if the ATAR is determined depending on 50% of your HSC exam marks, does the other 50% depend on your school trial marks? What if I did really badly on the trials but OK in other minor tasks throughout the course of the year?
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    ATAR Cutoff & Guaranteed Entry?

    Haha, it's fine! You're having your HSC next year so you're not expected to know all this yet anyways :)
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    Related texts for henry iv???

    The Queen, Lincoln, V for Vendetta, The Handmaid's Tale & Catch 22.
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    ATAR Cutoff & Guaranteed Entry?

    You're wrong, pal.
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    ATAR Cutoff & Guaranteed Entry?

    So I'll still get in with 80.05?
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    ATAR Cutoff & Guaranteed Entry?

    I'm aiming to do a Bachelor of Education/Arts at UNSW which the ATAR Cutoff is 80. But on the UNSW website, it says that "guaranteed entry" is 82.5. Does that mean that if I get an ATAR of 80.05, I wouldn't get in to the course? I have to get at least an ATAR that's in the high 80's to get in?
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    Why is the ATAR cutoff for education "low"?

    "Low" as in below 90. Is it because not many people choose it or is there a low demand for teachers? I have thought of choosing secondary education at USYD but was a bit surprised at the ATAR cutoff for it.
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    Listening exam

    I always do the worst in the listening section of the Japanese exam! I barely passed 90% due to my horrible listening exam :( To all of you who do well in listening exams, how do you study for them? Do you just memorise all of the vocabulary and grammar points? It's frustrating how there's...
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    Which ethnicities/ethnicity is a NO for you?

    This is such a racially denigrating thread, wow.
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    Japanese Extension past papers?

    Does anyone know of good links with Japanese Extension past papers from all schools?
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    12/20 for economics essay :/

    So I got my eco essay back and I was pretty disappointed. My excuse is that the teachers wouldn't accept drafts so I actually had no idea how to write an eco essay. What is the proper structure of an eco essay? All I know is that it's completely different from an English essay. I'm just so upset...